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Travel Services

Travel Services

Travel is an essential part of a global lifestyle. Wherever we travel we want to feel safe and know that we have privacy. We also want to have the best accommodation we can afford and provide proper amenities for our travel companions. Mayfair’s travel services are ideal in these circumstances.

Family Arrangements

When travelling with family we know things can get stressful. Everyone will have different needs. Your children may need support and you may need to rest. You may also want to invite extended family. These situations can complicate an already stressful situation with how travel is today.

From port-to-port, we offer the best auxiliary services such as care companions for elderly family members, au pairs for children, private chefs, security personnel and concierge medical personnel just to name a few.

Business Arrangements

Your business arrangements may see you needing private offices and administrative support while on location. We can provide you with the right mix to ensure your success.

Travel by Land, Sea or Air

Mayfair provides an extensive range of sea crafts, air transport and land mobiles for your travel needs. From port-to-port, we can see you through private access to the finest yachts, private jets, helicopters and luxury automobiles on offer today. Coupled with world-class security personnel your travel, whether for business or pleasure will be a dream!

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