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Your estate is made up of all of the things you own. Some of the most important things in your estate may be your home, savings and investments. Any prudent person will want to make sure that his or her estate is safe and as much of it as possible can be passed on for future generations without interference from third-parties or squabbles between loved ones.

Good financial planning will keep your estate safe.

Regardless of your personal and business situation, we are very likely to have a solution for you. This may involve services such as Will preparation, trust planning, divestment, philanthropic endeavours and many more planning solutions. What’s important is that you seek advice before it’s too late.

Will you have a mystery beneficiary in your Will?

If you don’t plan your estate, the government may well become a mystery beneficiary to your estate through taxation. In many cases, the reduction in the value of the estate that passes to their chosen beneficiaries can equate to as much as 15 years of their working lives.

Who wants to work for 15 years for free?

Our team is fully capable of handling your needs.

Our team comprises experienced financial planners, lawyers, accountants and investment managers ready and willing to put their expertise to use for your benefit. This will see your estate being fully secured and you having peace-of-mind.

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Many of our clients have spent a lifetime paying taxes and through careful planning, have built significant wealth. Whilst we all appreciate the need for the country to generate taxes, it does seem unfair that those who have paid tax already of the wealth they have built, should be subject to further taxation on the wealth when they pass away.

The UK tax rules allow certain types of investment to enjoy tax-exempt status for inheritance tax purposes. These are perfectly legitimate and have enabled many thousands of people to pass their wealth onto their chosen beneficiaries, free of IHT.

Our experienced experts can guide you through the maze of rules and reliefs and arrange your affairs so that you can simply apply the HMRC rules to your investments. Thereby, affording you the access and control you need to determine who benefits from your wealth, how they receive it, and when.

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