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Sovereign Wealth Advisory

Sovereign Wealth Advisory

We at Mayfair pride ourselves on our ability to create world-leading financial structures for sovereign states and their institutions. We are equally proud of our focus on middle-income countries since they are often hard-pressed to find the right mix of expertise and experience.


Tackling sovereign wealth is a collective effort. Ego alone won’t do the job. Mayfair has partnerships with the world’s leading financial firms and technology suppliers. We can supply lucrative financial structures for sovereign states. We can also provide financing facilities for institutions, as well as technical advice ranging from finance through law, to technology.

Debt Relief

Often sovereigns, especially middle-income countries, will face restructuring issues. This will mean restructuring foreign debt and even domestic debt. Unlike many businesses, sovereigns have the literal lives of people in their hands. Debt situations can put those lives in peril and even set countries back for generations.

We believe in a better world

Cool, calm and collected expertise is needed to weather the storm. We at Mayfair know how to produce the desired outcome. The best part is that we make sure to empower the citizens of our partner countries with training in much-needed areas and we provide this at no cost!

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