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Private Placement


We are always striving to find the most efficient means of investment, especially for higher tax rate clients and high net-worth individuals. This can be a hassle given the complexity of income arrangements. With a Private Life Placement, you can make that hassle go away.

Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI)

Private placements normally come in the form of PPLI, however, such policies are exclusive investment vehicles. They are not offered to the public.

Net-Worth Requirement

Usually, a PPLI policyholder will be someone whose net worth is at least $/£ 20 million. This also applies to people who own or manage businesses valued at $/£ 20 million.

Tax & Asset Advantages

Unlike regular insurance, PPLI allows for various tax advantages linked to usually restricted institutional or Sovereign Wealth Advisory arrangements.

PPLI policies can also be used to invest in internationally traded currencies, hedging against market shocks through gold and silver and even raising capital in predetermined currencies.

Ideal Candidate

This makes PPLI suitable for HNWIs, family offices, corporations, foundations, trusts and Sovereigns. However, Mayfair clients are now able to enjoy access to these funds through our own bespoke “Pooled Fund” arrangements.

No matter your requirements we have a solution for you.

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