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Policy Advisory

Policy Advisory

We partner with sovereigns to bring about the best result for all. Sound public policy is key to ensure that each generation will improve upon the work of former generations.

Technical Advisory

Mayfair provides sovereigns and their institutions with advice on areas such as fiscal policy, momentary policy, tax structures, public law, law reform, statutory. We put our global network to best use to ensure that our sovereign clients extract the best value and minimal cost. In some situations, we have even been able to produce solutions at no cost to the end-user.

We know that, for sovereigns, citizens come first so they come first for us too!

Negotiation, Persuasion & Mediation

If requested we will represent sovereigns in their dealings with creditors, investors, financiers, brokers, global institutions, other countries. Our representation is professional and our commitment to excellence is personnel.

We are on your side

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