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Philanthropic Arrangements

Philanthropic Arrangements

Often in life, there comes a point at which we want to give back to those who helped us. This usually takes the form of philanthropy. Philanthropy has been used for centuries as a sensible way to give back to society while ensuring personal and familial sustenance and financial security.

Philanthropy is for everyone!

Individuals aren’t the only people who engage in philanthropic acts. Various forms of non-profits and for-profits also perform philanthropy. Philanthropy can be found at all levels of society. You don’t have to be rich to give back to society.

Similarly, you don’t need to be afraid of losing it all by giving back to society. There are numerous ways to ensure that you are kept financially secure as you help others.

Philanthropy complements sound financial planning.

Philanthropy can be part of your financial planning decisions. Often philanthropy carries with it a whole assortment of tax mitigation benefits. This means that you can actually be saving while “spending.”

Philanthropy as part of prudent estate planning.

There are also those who want to dispose of their assets after they pass away. Philanthropy is a sound way of ensuring that your hard-earned assets are put to best use after your transition. This can see your assets being placed in a trust for a good cause, being gifted, or used in some other way to benefit society as per your wishes. This means that even after you’ve passed, your heart will remain at “home.”

Philanthropy is an engine of change.

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