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Corporate Nominee Services


Not everyone wants to be closely linked to his or her business. Sometimes we need a degree of separation. Especially in the context of one’s personal and business life. One way of creating that separation through the use of ‘corporate nominee’.

Above Board

Appointing nominee directors is an effective way to create privacy in your life. You can have your business fully operational while keeping yourself away from it. This is a fully legal service used by many global businesses around the world as part of their overall efficiency structure.

Who uses and nominees and why?

Oftentimes people use a nominee director for their businesses as a legal way to avoid having to disclose information about other businesses they own or may have substantial interest.

A good example of when someone uses a corporate nominee is when registering a business in a country with a public register of directors. That person will contract another person to act on his or her behalf as a director of the company to keep his or her privacy intact.

Privacy matters

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