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Investments & Savings Structures


We deliver bespoke advice, whether you are investing a lump sum from your capital account, or gradually building a capital sum for the future.

Lump-Sum Investments

Oftentimes, investors want to maximise returns on the capital they already have on account at the bank.

For example, Mark has $250,000 in his bank account but is struggling to get anywhere near to even the inflation rate and therefore the buying power of his money over time is being eroded rapidly.

If he decided he was in a position whereby he could redirect some of his savings into a medium-to-long-term plan, he could well see his annual return multiply through the investment into diverse portfolios that may include mutual funds and managed funds with some of the world’s top investment houses.

Regular Premium Savings

Some investors are still accumulating their capital and we are brought in to boost the growth on those savings and bring the timeline to success closer. They may make monthly contributions to an international savings or retirement plan.

For example, Judie wants to invest $2,000 per month to build a future capital reservoir that she can use anytime say after 10 or 20 years. This is what we mean by ‘Regular Premium’ savings.

Professional advice

Having the money to invest and knowing where to invest it are two very different things. Especially as individuals do not usually have access to the most successful funds and that’s why you should always seek professional advice when it comes to money management.

When making investments, it is imperative that you are made aware of the various potential risks as well as the potential rewards. At MGC we take an accurate measurement of your personal attitude to risk and also discuss any downside risks. That’s what professional financial advisers do all the time; they are not product salespeople. You bring your problem to one of our qualified advisers and they research the market to find a suitable solution, prepare the paperwork, and make all of the arrangements for you. In this way, every investment you make with us is tailor-made to your specific needs, lifestyle and ambitions.

We will make your investments and savings as tax efficient as possible and will review your arrangements in accordance with your preferred frequency via our ongoing review service.

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