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Expat Support


Your lifestyle, your business and your future may see you hopping around the world living in different countries. The unfortunate part about this is that you’re likely going to be inundated with all sorts of legal considerations such as income tax, residency allocation and investment penalties if you don’t have sound financial planning.

Tax is Global Too

Many countries, such as the USA and UK, tax their citizens on their worldwide assets. This means that even if individuals and organisations move overseas, they can be liable to their home governments for tax payments. It’s crucial that you get the best tax mitigation advice where this occurs, if not before. There are many ways to help safeguard against potentially harmful losses that can occur as a result of the global tax net.

Moving back home should be happy. Not sad!

When moving back home from another country you should have the best experience. You should not have to worry about whether your investment will be devalued due to your move, whether your family’s life insurance will no longer apply, or whether your banking facilities will cease. We will help you ensure a smooth transition through universal vehicle arrangements.

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