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Offshore Company Formations

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Being a global citizen means you must have universal mobility. Through offshore company formations, you can make this possible. Simply put, offshore companies are legal structures used for all sorts of transactions ranging from payment transactions to provisions of goods and services. They are also a great way of separating your liabilities.
MGC help set up offshore companies in following jurisdictions:



Hong Kong



The possibilities are endless.

Through offshore companies, you can purchase properties, open new bank accounts, make investments, allocate assets and enter into various contractual arrangements with business partners.

Tax Efficiency

Offshore companies are also a good way of increasing your tax efficiency. They allow you more flexibility in deciding what to do with your hard-earned funds and the best way to utilise assets.

Anonymity and Protection

Offshore companies are great opportunities for gaining privacy and protecting assets. When making strategic investments and planning for the future it’s imperative that you are fully protected from prying eyes and unwanted visitors. Having an offshore company can make this possible.

International Banking

Through our multitude of banking partners, we all of our clients dedicated banking services to meet your needs. These banking services include money transfer, payments and storage. These accounts come with IBAN /SWIFT and are multi-currency.

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