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Asset Protection & Trust Arrangements


Whether you’re at the beginning, middle or end of your wealth journey, Asset Protection and Trust Arrangements should be part of your health financial diet. It makes no sense accumulating wealth if you don’t protect it and plan for its use. Asset Protection and Trust Arrangements make sure that your wealth is protected against encroachment and devaluation. This means you, your family and beneficiaries can make the most use of your wealth for years to come.

Asset Protection at a glance.

Asset protection is used to safeguard wealth from prying eyes, malicious actors and unwarranted surveillance. Asset protection can take many forms. The method chosen is always bespoke and depends on your personal lifestyle in the case of an individual or your financial structure in terms of a corporation.

Nifty asset protection methods include simple trusts, discretionary trusts, legacy trusts, offshore trusts, private life placements, family office structures and other protection vehicles.

Why trust trusts?

Trusts are legal mechanisms by which you can ensure the safety of your assets. Trusts come with rules which stipulate what is being protected, what can be done with the asset under protection, who is in charge of safeguarding the asset and who can benefit from the asset. This makes trusts a great way to transfer wealth to family members and even unborn descendants.

Trusts are also a great way to ensure the survival of businesses and government entities. Take the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK as an example. The NHS Trust is a shining example of multi-generational wealth transfer and creation. This is possible at all levels!

This includes providing provisions for yourself in cases of limited capacity.

What kind of assets can I protect?

You can protect any kind of asset. It doesn’t matter if your asset is your home, cash, gold, silver, insurance policy, business, intellectual property or other asset types; there is a mechanism out there for you.

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